can't connect to picky wireless network

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can't connect to picky wireless network

Postby hatsoff on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:50 am

I just did a fresh install of Linux Mint 13 MATE LTS 32-bit on my netbook. Previously I had been running Ubuntu 10.04, so this is my first week of Linux Mint. : )

My wireless seems to be working fine for the most part. I can connect to my wireless network at home, and also I can connect to my android phone wireless. So everything seems to be fine there. But it doesn't work at my university (NIU). So:

The problem: I can't connect to the NIU wireless network.

The NIU network had always been flaky on Ubuntu 10.04, but at least it connected. But it doesn't connect at all on Linux Mint 13 MATE 32-bit.

Note 1: The NIU wireless works just fine in Windows XP. I have zero problems with it when running connecting in that partition. (I have a dual boot setup.)

In other words, it's not a username/password issue, and it's not a problem with the NIU network itself.

The symptoms: If I try to connect to the NIU wireless network, I get a request for my username/password in a window called "Wireless Network Authentication Required." When I enter my username/password, it tries again for a while, then gives me the same request for network authentication. And on and on it goes.

Note 2: I followed these instructions in setting up the network. They did not work.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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