[Debian Installer -> LMDE] problem with Cinnamon Settings

[Debian Installer -> LMDE] problem with Cinnamon Settings

Postby TomRoche on Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:29 pm


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$ cinnamon-settings
/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gobject/constants.py:24: Warning: g_boxed_type_register_static: assertion `g_type_from_name (name) == 0' failed
 import gobject._gobject
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/usr/lib/cinnamon-settings/cinnamon-settings.py", line 1367, in <module>
 File "/usr/lib/cinnamon-settings/cinnamon-settings.py", line 1319, in __init__
    sidePage.add_widget(GConfFontButton(_("Window title font"), "/apps/metacity/general/titlebar_font"))
 File "/usr/lib/cinnamon-settings/cinnamon-settings.py", line 640, in __init__
 File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gi/types.py", line 43, in function
    return info.invoke(*args, **kwargs)
TypeError: Argument 1 does not allow None as a value
$ sudo aptitude search 'python-g' | grep -e '^i'
i A python-gconf                    - Python bindings for the GConf configuratio
i A python-gi                       - Python 2.x bindings for gobject-introspect
i A python-gi-cairo                 - Python Cairo bindings for the GObject libr
i A python-glade2                   - GTK+ bindings: Glade support             
i A python-gnome2                   - Python bindings for the GNOME desktop envi
i A python-gnupginterface           - Python interface to GnuPG (GPG)           
i A python-gobject                  - Python 2.x bindings for GObject - transiti
i A python-gobject-2                - deprecated static Python bindings for the
i A python-gtk2                     - Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set


I recently used the current Wheezy/testing version of the Debian Installer (7 beta 4) to install LVM on LUKS on a box, then "converted" it to LMDE by fiddling sources.list and installing the associated *-keyring packages. Afterward, I installed package=cinnamon and restarted. The Cinnamon UI works, but is not configurable:

  1. When I run (from the main menu) Preferences>Cinnamon Settings, nothing happens.
  2. When I run `cinnamon-settings` from the commandline (see first command in the summary, above), I get a python TypeError.

How to debug or fix this? Note that I appear to have the necessary python dependencies: see the second commandline in the summary.
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